We Drive the Business with Data

As the Business Intelligence team at TechnologyAdvice, we pride ourselves on understanding and advising on the data, processes, and priorities that run our business. Specifically, the BI team includes Data Architecture and Analysis, Business Analysis, and all things reporting.

At TechnologyAdvice, we know that our data is one of our biggest assets, and this team owns the health of that mission-critical data. Sales and Client Success teams use data everyday to expertly connect buyers and sellers of business technology. Our team optimizes the organization, retrieval, and sharing of this data across our tools and people. Analysts are constantly mining to identify industry and company trends, support business needs, and discover opportunities for process optimization.

Entrance sign to the TechnologyAdvice office
TechnologyAdvice work environment
TechnologyAdvice employees enjoy ping pong competitions

We Look Deeper

Our team looks deeper at how our business runs day to day, investigating and highlighting areas for improvement. This team regularly implements customized Salesforce solutions, builds Tableau reports and dashboards, presents to executive leadership on new opportunities, and designs, implements, and trains TechnologyAdvice staff on improved processes. We are looking at efficiency, quality, and monetization metrics daily to ensure our teams are getting the most out of their tools, data, and time.

As a team, we pride ourselves on looking deeper, shining a light, and advising the business on how to accomplish the next phase of growth and success.